Mammography Screening and Diagnostic
Imaging Services for Women

Patient Info

General Information About Your Scan

In order to best interpret your breast imaging study, we will need your prior exams. This allows us  to detect any changes in you breast and to minimize the chance of having to call you back for additional studies. We will help to obtain any prior breast imaging studies  from in or out of town centers. They are obliged to send them to us with your permission.

If you have your own films or a CD with your images, please let us know when you schedule your appointment and bring them with you.

For Breast MRI
Because of the strong magnetic field used in MRI, certain metallic devices may prevent us from performing an MRI. At the time of scheduling we will ask whether you have any of the following: aneurysm clips, cardiac pacemaker/defibrillator, neurostimulator, hearing aid, internal or external metallic objects, or any other implant or prosthesis.

During the exam you will hear loud repeating knocking. Headphones to enable listening to music are available. If sedation is ordered by your physician, please call us for special instructions.

Breast MRI usually takes approximately 45 minutes. Our technologist will monitor and support you throughout the exam. A live feed to the technologist will be on during your scan and the tech can reply or provide updates via the headphones.

For Ultrasound & Mammography
For an ultrasound or mammogram  there is no preparation required, however, please do not wear deodorant, lotion, or powder on the day of your scan.  These exams usually take from 10 to 20 minutes to complete.




When you arrive you will see the receptionist, who will review the type of exam your physician has ordered and  obtain any prior studies that you may have brought with you.

If your physician has given you an order, please be sure to bring it with you. You will need to fill in some paperwork and make any insurance co-payments.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and cash.

Technician Greeting

You will then be greeted by the technician that will be performing your scan. You will be asked to change into a gown in one of our private changing rooms. For your convenience, we provide lockers to secure any valuables during your test.

Please inform us if you are or may be pregnant and if you have any medical implants such as a pacemakers etc.

After your scan

Once your scan is complete, your technician will show you back to the changing rooms and give you your locker key so that you can dress again. You are then welcome to leave our center.

Your Report

Your scan will be interpreted by Dr. Kunberger or another breast imaging specialist, and a report will be sent to your physician by fax or electronically. Your physician will discuss the results  with you.